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Fixed route service is what most people think of when they envision transit: a bus that travels along the same route at regular times each day and has regular bus stops along the route. PDRTA operates fixed route bus service in the greater city of Florence area via the Florence Transit System. Whether a person's destination is work, medical appointment, hospital visit, education, shopping, or recreation, the Florence Transit System is an economical means to access the many amenities of the city.

PDRTA also offers commuter service into Florence from Marion(via FMU Rt. 7 Aug-May), and Darlington(Darlington-Florence Commuter). These commuter services give people in other communities the opportunity to get to work and school in Florence. These buses connect with the Florence Transit system, making over 100 destinations easily accessible, year-round.

A PDRTA bus leaves Marion each day to transport many workers to the Grand Strand. This is deviated fixed route service, which means that PDRTA adapts its routes to accommodate the large number of workers on these buses by dropping them off and picking them up at or close to an ever-changing variety of workplaces.

In Lake City, daily commuter transportation to Myrtle Beach continues to be a huge success.

Enjoying the Ride

PDRTA buses are climate controlled and regularly maintained to ensure an enjoyable and safe riding experience for all passengers. All buses are wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant. We offer discounted fares and passes to students, senior citizens, Medicare card holders, and customers with disabilities. Service animals are permitted to accompany individuals with disabilities on all vehicles.

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